Friday, 20 July 2012

DIY | Vintage Suitcase To Pet Bed

This is another super simple suitcase DIY that took even less time than the Vintage Suitcase To Toy Trunk.

While we focused on renovating rather than organising the cat made himself a home in our bedroom on a box of vintage clothes and an old quilt. Obviously this situation couldn't go on forever but I didn't want to take his 'bed' away completely as he'd become accustomed to using it for spying on the street during the day.

At the opening night of a local charities new vintage shop venture, Dove House @ No 87, I picked up a sizeable hard plastic beige vintage suitcase for £10.

With some effort from the boy the lid was prized away from the base and I adhered the two together using instant grab wood glue. Once completely dry I folded a thin quilt inside (giving even more height) which I then covered with a co-ordinating blanket, making sure to firmly tuck in the edges.

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